The Computer Wave


Welcome   to   The   Computer   Wave   where   we   have   helped   small businesses   grow   and   develop   Into   thriving   enterprises   for   the   past 25   years.   Currently   The   Computer   Wave   has   been   retired   but   the value    of    The    Computer    Wave    lives    on    in    all    the    thriving companies    that    have    interacted    with    The    Computer    Wave throughout   the   years.   Relationships   that   have   lasted   for   over   20 years.    Listed    below    is    an    overview    of    the    services    that    The Computer Wave provided for the past 25 years.

About The Computer Wave:

The   Computer   Wave   was   created   in   1990   to   help   small   businesses   compete   in   today’s   marketplace.   We   developed   the   Virtual   IT,   which   gave   clients access   to   the   most   office-efficient   technology   without   having   a   full-time   IT   specialist   on   staff.     And   we   designed   Remote Access   capabilities   that   let   us   solve customers'   computer   problems   from   our   office,   24/7.      Since   then   we   have   provided   clients   with   more   innovative   services   that   improve   productivity   and profitability.We   developed   foolproof   global   data   synchronization   and   Backup   Systems   so   clients   would   never   lose   their   valuable   information.     And   to   make business owners feel more secure, we devised Security Systems that let them observe their offices online from anywhere in the world.  The   Computer   Wave   saw   that   today's   marketing   companies   were   unable   to   solve   the   "specialized"   marketing   problems   of   small   businesses.   So   we created   sales-driven   marketing   tools   tailored   to   the   unique   needs   of   the   small-business   industry.   In   order   to   help   them   obtain   and   keep   customers,   we designed   professional-looking,   profit-building   interactive   web   marketing   strategies.      Let   The   Computer   Wave   be   the   one-stop   company   that   not   only   brings you closer to your clients, but also provides you with the solutions you need to meet your profit goals.

The Computer Wave Mission:

To   create   simple   and   affordable   technology   solutions   for   start   up   companies   while   maintaining   the   technical   needs   for   the   small   and   home-based businesses.   To   give   a   fresh   new   look   to   the   company’s   electronic   advertisement   that   will   help   bring   in   more   clientele.   Most   importantly,   to   make   today’s complex technology simple for our clients.

The New Xara Wave:

Today,   The   Computer   Wave   is   hosting   the   works   of   Paul   Saumure   which   were   created   in   a   unique   vector-based   software   call   Xara.   You   are   invited   to   go through   the   galleries   and   discover   some   of   the   photo   realistic   capabilities   of   this   software.   You   will   also   discover   some   of   the   driving   forces   behind   this budding Artist. Keep checking back for updates on his progress, in the wonderful world of vector graphics, with Xara Designer Pro.