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Xara Flash Designs 

Xara   Designer   Pro   has   enabled   Paul   Saumure   to   express   his   artistic   abilities   in   many   different   areas   of   illustrations, from   Logos   to   Photo   realistic   images.   Now   with   Xara’s   flash   capability,   he   can   bring   his   work   to   life.   After   the   Cool Clock   was   drawn,   Paul   though   it   would   be   even   cooler   if   it   kept   the   correct   time.   With   a   little   help   from   flash,   his   dream became a reality. The   flash   items   below   demonstrate   the   flexibility   of   using   flash   in   Xara. All   the   items   below   were   created   from   start   to finish   with   Xara   Designer   Pro. The   four   flash   pieces   on   the   left   are   interactive.   Note:   if   you   are   using   an   iDevice,   you will not be able to view any of the flash work on this page. Apple does not support flash.
This is an interactive flash piece. You can change the color of the glass.