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Xara Art Gallery 

X ara   Designer   Pro   has   enabled   Paul   Saumure   to   express   his   artistic   abilities   in   many   different   areas   of   illustrations;   from   Logos   to   Photo   realistic   images. Since   Xara   is   a   vector-based   program,   it   gave   him   freedom   from   past   limitations   of   pixel   based   software.   Xara’s   quality   shines   in   his   work.   Listed   below are a few examplles of Paul’s handywork. You can visit all five gallerys and decide what style you like best.
Photo Realistic  Gallery

Photo Realistic Images 

Most   photo   realistic   images   are   created   with   some   type   of   3D   rendering   software.   Xara   is   a   2D   voter   graphic program   that   Paul   adds   his   3D   rendering   engine   to.   His   skills   would   make   any   3D   rendering Artist   think   twice   about the   software   these   images   were   created   in.   We   encourage   you   to   visit   this   gallery   and   decide   for   yourself   about   the quality   of   Paul’s   work.   The   images   in   this   gallery   are   Paul’s   rendition   of   photos   and   artwork   found   on   the   Internet. Just click the link to visit the

3D Images 

Paul   discover   the   benefits   of   one   of   the   most   misunderstood   and      least   used   tools   in   Xara.   The   Extrude   tool.   He brought   this   tool   to   life   in   some   of   his   3D   artwork.   Whether   it’s   photorealistic   images   or   metal   textures   and   lighting, Paul brings a sence realism out In every image’

Logos & Designs 

Paul   gives   a   new   and   refreshing   twist   to   many   of   todays   popular   logos.   weather   it’s   a   Superman   logo   or   an Android Battery, his style shines through.

Futuristic Images 

Whether   it’s   a   blast   from   the   past   or   a   look   into   the   future   on   a   light   cycle,   Paul   is   certainly   adding   a   sense   of   realism to   all   his   work.   His   rendering   of   the   Disney   light   cycles   that   were   reproduced   from   images   found   on   the   Internet   are a shining tribute to his talent and the power of this unique vector based software.

Fine Art Gallery 

Quality   is   never   an   accident;   it   is   always   the   result   of   high   intention,   sincere   effort   and   skillful   execution.   It represents   the   wise   choice   of   many   alternatives.   These   are   the   words   that   Paul   lives   by   when   he   starts   out   on   any endeavor.   Quality   certainly   shows   in   all   his   work. A   fine   art   gallery   has   been   assembled   to   showcase   some   of   Paul’s artwork in this arena.
3D Image  Gallery Logo & Designs  Gallery Futuristic Images Gallery Fine Art Gallery